A denominational Curse – Any structure without a right arm whether physical or structural will accomplish nothing. No wonder the third angel’s message has slipped out of our hands and we have to blindly hover in the wilderness.


Perhaps the greatest disappointment in 1901 was the inability to bring into the church structure the International Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association headed by Dr. J. H. Kellogg—a problem that would become the denomination’s most critical crisis up to that time. MOL 185.1


You will never be ministers after the gospel order till you show a decided interest in medical missionary work, the gospel of healing and blessing and strengthening. Come up to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty powers of darkness, that it be not said of you, “Curse ye Meroz, … curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof; because they came not to the help of the Lord.” Judges 5:23…. CH 533.2


The medical missionary work is to be to the work of the church as the right arm to the body. The third angel goes forth proclaiming the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. The medical missionary work is the gospel in practice. All lines of work are to be harmoniously blended in giving the invitation: “Come; for all things are now ready.” 8T 77.2


Again and again I have been instructed that the medical missionary work is to bear the same relation to the work of the third angel’s message that the arm and hand bear to the body. Under the direction of the divine Head they are to work unitedly in preparing the way for the coming of Christ. The right arm of the body of truth is to be constantly active, constantly at work, and God will strengthen it. But it is not to be made the body. At the same time the body is not to say to the arm: “I have no need of thee.” The body has need of the arm in order to do active, aggressive work. Both have their appointed work, and each will suffer great loss if worked independently of the other. 6T 288.1


This is an element that gives character to the work for this time. The medical missionary work is as the right arm to the third angel’s message which must be proclaimed to a fallen world; and physicians, managers, and workers in any line, in acting faithfully their part, are doing the work of the message. Thus, the sound of the truth will go forth to every nation and kindred and tongue and people. In this work the heavenly angels bear a part. They awaken spiritual joy and melody in the hearts of those who have been freed from suffering, and thanksgiving to God arises from the lips of many who have received the precious truth. 6T 229.2


We now ask those who shall be chosen as presidents of our conferences to make a right beginning in places where nothing has been done. Recognize the medical missionary work as God’s helping hand. As His appointed agency it is to have room and encouragement. Medical missionaries are to have as much encouragement as any accredited evangelist. Pray with these workers. Counsel with them if they need counsel. Do not dampen their zeal and energy. Be sure by your own consecration and devotion to keep a high standard before them. Laborers are greatly needed in the Lord’s vineyard, and not a word of discouragement should be spoken to those who consecrate themselves to the work. —Medical Ministry, 240, 241 (1901).


The medical missionary workers are doing the long-neglected work which God gave to the church in Battle Creek—they are giving the last call to the supper which He has prepared. My brethren, why do you keep so many things bound up in Battle Creek? Why do you not take the tract and missionary work into other cities, where there is much missionary work to be done? The many interests centering in Battle Creek should be divided and subdivided, and placed in other cities. You who think you are wise men may say: “It will cost too much. We can do the work here in Battle Creek at less expense.” Well, does not the Lord know all this? Is not He a God who understands all the unbelieving reasoning that holds so many interests in Battle Creek? He has revealed to you that centers should be made in all the cities. This would call many out of Battle Creek to work in other places. In order to be carried forward aright, the medical missionary work needs talent. It requires strong, willing hands, and wise, discriminating management. But can this be while those in responsible places—presidents of conferences and ministers—bar the way? The Lord says to the presidents of conferences and to other influential brethren: “Remove the stumbling blocks that have been placed before the people.” 8T 71.1 – 8T 71.5


We should feel deeply over these things, for they are true. We should have a high estimate of truth and of the value of souls. Time is short, and there is a great work to be done. If you feel no interest in the work that is going forward, if you will not encourage medical missionary work in the churches, it will be done without your consent; for it is the work of God, and it must be done. My brethren and sisters, take your position on the Lord’s side and be earnest, active, courageous co-workers with Christ, laboring with Him to seek and save the lost. 8T 75.2


There is enough wealth in your conference to carry forward this work successfully; and shall the prince of darkness be left in undisputed possession of our great cities because it costs something to sustain missions? Let those who would follow Christ fully come up to the work, even if it be over the heads of ministers and president. Those who in such a work as this will say, “I pray thee have me excused,” should beware lest they receive their discharge for time and for eternity. Let Christians who love duty lift every ounce they can and then look to God for further strength. He will work through the efforts of thoroughgoing men and women and will do what they cannot do. New light and power will be given them as they use what they have. New fervor and zeal will stir the church as they see something accomplished. 5T 369.2


What God has enjoined let no man separate. The body has lost an arm and have an open wound yet the wound is expected to be healed without the arm being brought back. The amputation of medical missionary department from Adventist church is not something to be taken lightly. God hates divorce and patching up of things. He will never excuse or accept Adventist church in this gross misconduct. Herbert Douglass reasons out:


Ellen White called this separation between gospel ministers and medical missionary workers “the worst evil” that could be placed on the Adventist Church. MOL 295.4


Trying to promote the distinctive message of Revelation 14 with the right arm paralyzed is virtually self-defeating. MOL 295.6


For example, when the sick are encouraged to receive health care without adherence to the natural laws that caused the sickness, the gospel is not understood. Or, when the sinner is encouraged to believe that God forgives when commitment to known duty is ignored, clearly the gospel is misrepresented. MOL 295.7


Ellen White boldly encouraged church members who sense “the dead level into which they have fallen” to reconnect the health message to the theological message: “Send into the churches workers who will set the principles of health reform in their connection with the third angel’s message before every family and individual. Encourage all to take a part in work for their fellow men, and see if the breath of life will not quickly return to these churches.” MOL 295.8 – MOL 296.1


It naturally follows, then, that the physician and the minister are to “work in tandem. Like harnessed horses, they … are to pull the Adventist carriage at the same speed.” MOL 296.2


My brethren, the Lord calls for unity, for oneness. We are to be one in the faith. I want to tell you that when the gospel ministers and the medical missionary workers are not united, there is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there. MOL 296.7


The challenge ever since 1904 has been to address “the worst evil” that could rest on the Seventh-day Adventist Church. If the challenge is to be met, both ministers and physicians must restudy the counsel of Ellen White regarding the purpose of church healthcare institutions, rethink the purpose of the “everlasting gospel” that must be proclaimed credibly before Jesus returns, and make a new commitment to the inspired principles set forth by Ellen White. MOL 296.8


Any movement then professing to be a movement of destiny working under the inspiration yet do not understand or practice the third angel’s message in Isaiah 58 and James 1:28 in connection with Revelation 14 should come to terms that it’s a spurious movement. It’s like Laodicea professing to be Philadelphia.


In new fields, where the work of God has yet to be established, medical missionary work is to be done. This work removes prejudice, and prepares the way for the proclamation of the third angel’s message. It is the means by which doors are opened for the entrance of the special truths for this time. Medical missionary work and the gospel are one. If united, they make a complete whole. Letter 92, 1902, p. 2. (“To Brethren in Responsible Positions in the Medical Work,” April 8, 1902.)


God’s purpose in giving the third angel’s message to the world is to prepare a people to stand true to Him during the investigative judgment. This is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing houses, our schools, our sanitariums, hygienic restaurants, treatment rooms, and food factories. This is our purpose in carrying forward every line of work in the cause. —Manuscript 154, 1902, 4. (“Instruction to Men in Positions of Responsibility,” October 24, 1902.)


The sanitariums that shall be established are to be God’s memorials, agencies in the conversion of many souls. —Manuscript 33, 1901, 2. (“Diary,” April 19, 1901.)


Our sanitariums have been established for the purpose of preparing a people for the second coming of our Lord and Saviour. Letter 284, 1906, pp. 2, 3. (To Dr. O 1MR 228.1 – 1MR 228.4



The Perplexing Problem

For years the perplexing question has been before us, how can we raise funds adequate for the support of the missions which the Lord has gone before us to open? We read the plain commands of the gospel; and the missions, in both home and foreign fields, present their necessities. The indications, yea, the positive revelations of Providence unite in urging us to do quickly the work that is waiting to be done. –Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 114.


A Successful Plan

One of the new plans for reaching unbelievers is the Harvest Ingathering campaign for missions. In many places during the past few years, this has proved a success, bringing blessing to many, and increasing the flow of means into the mission treasury. As those not of our faith have been made acquainted with the progress of the third angel’s message in heathen lands, their sympathies have been aroused, and some have sought to learn more of the truth that has such power to transform hearts and lives. Men and women of all classes have been reached, and the name of God has been glorified. –MS., “Consecrated Efforts to Reach Unbelievers,” June 5, 1914.


Some may question the propriety of receiving gifts from unbelievers. Let such ask themselves: “Who is the real owner of our world? To whom belong its houses and lands, and its treasures of gold and silver?” God has an abundance in our world, and He has placed His goods in the hands of all, both the obedient and the disobedient. He is ready to move upon the hearts of worldly men, even idolaters, to give of their abundance for the support of His work; and He will do this as soon as His people learn to approach these men wisely and to call their attention to that which it is their privilege to do. If the needs of the Lord’s work were set forth in a proper light before those who have means and influence, these men might do much to advance the cause of present truth. God’s people have lost many privileges of which they could have taken advantage, had they not chosen to stand independent of the world. –Southern Watchman, March 15, 1904.


The Lord still moves upon the hearts of kings and rulers in behalf of His people. Those who are laboring for Him are to avail themselves of the help that He prompts men to give for the advancement of His cause. The agents through whom these gifts come, may open ways by which the light of truth shall be given to many benighted lands. These men may have no sympathy with God’s work, no faith in Christ, no acquaintance with His word; but their gifts are not on this account to be refused. –Southern Watchman, March 15, 1904.


The Lord has placed His goods in the hands of unbelievers as well as believers; all may return to Him His own for the doing of the work that must be done for a fallen world. As long as we are in this world, as long as the Spirit of God strives with the children of men, so long are we to receive favors as well as to impart them. We are to give to the world the light of truth, as revealed in the Scriptures; and we are to receive from the world that which God moves upon them to give in behalf of His cause. –Southern Watchman, March 15, 1904.


Although now almost wholly in the possession of wicked men, all the world, with its riches and treasures, belongs to God. “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof.” “The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, saith the Lord of hosts.” “Every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. I know all the birds of the mountains; and the wild beasts of the field are Mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell thee; for the world is Mine, and the fulness thereof.” O that Christians might realize more and still more fully that it is their privilege and their duty, while cherishing right principles, to take advantage of every heaven-sent opportunity for advancing God’s kingdom in this world. –Southern Watchman, March 15, 1904.


Why not ask the Gentiles for assistance? I have received instruction that there are men and women in the world who have sympathetic hearts, and who will be touched with compassion as the needs of suffering humanity are presented before them. Let men who have the ability to tell what a sanitarium should be and the need that there is for such institutions, go to the Gentiles for financial aid. Our missionaries are fully authorized to do this in all the large cities of the South. There are men of the world who will give of their means for schools and sanitariums. {SpTB18 26.1}


The matter has been presented to me in this light. Our work is to be aggressive. The money is the Lord’s, and if wealthy men are approached in the right way, the Lord will touch their hearts and impress them to give of their means. God’s money is in the hands of these men, and some of them will heed the request for help. {SpTB18 26.2}


Talk this over, and do all in your power to secure gifts. We are not to feel that it would not be the right thing to ask men of the world for means, for it is just the thing to do. This plan was opened before me as a way of coming in touch with wealthy men of the world. Through this means not a few will become interested, and may hear and believe the truth for this time. {SpTB18 26.3}


The genuine vs the false medical missionary work will bring seventh-day Adventists TO A TEST of choosing between Sunday and Sabbath


“We need not be deceived. Wonderful scenes, with which Satan will be closely connected, will soon take place. God’s Word declares that Satan will work miracles. HE WILL MAKE PEOPLE SICK, and then will suddenly REMOVE from them his satanic power. They will then be regarded as healed. These works of apparent healing WILL BRING SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS TO THE TEST. Many who have had great light will fail to walk in the light, because they have not become one with Christ.—Letter 57, 1904.”


“… he heals the diseases of the people, and then, in his assumed character of Christ, HE CLAIMS TO HAVE CHANGED THE SABBATH TO SUNDAY, and commands all to hallow the day GC 624.2”




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