God’s purpose in giving the third angel’s message to the world is to prepare a people to stand true to Him during the investigative judgment. This is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing houses, our schools, our sanitariums, hygienic restaurants, treatment rooms, and food factories. This is our purpose in carrying forward every line of work in the cause. Ms 154, 1902, p. 4. (“Instruction to Men in Positions of Responsibility,” October 24, 1902.)  {1MR 228.2}


In view of the above, we have professionals who can help in advising you  in the following fields when deciding to move to the country. This can be a stepping stone to many who don’t know where to start. This will help in efficiency of prosecuting the third angels message in a practical way and finding ready help instead of spending much and wasting time and never get what you are looking for.


1. Sami Wilberforce – Computer and Electronics stuff i.e. purchasing, repairing, learning softwares for children and necessary notes connected with the third angels message.


Sami Wilberforce [254721627977]       



2. Wycliffe Omondi – Garden Planning. All farm based consultation on Soil and Plant Management

Wycliffe Omondi [254707322405]


3. Zaddoch Ponde – Skills in Basic Mechanics and Farm Equipment.

Zaddoch Ponde [254722878683]


4. Brian Onang’o – Web Designing and Programming [+254 706 662011]