Should the writings of sister White be used as a TEST OF FELLOWSHIP?


There should be no trial, or labor with those who have never seen the individual having visions, and who have had no personal knowledge of the influence of the visions. Such should not be deprived of the benefits and privileges of the church, if their Christian course is otherwise correct, and they have formed a good Christian character. GW92 279.3


Yet when men long into truth starts to quibble with what has been proved to be truth, a word of warning should not be withheld from them:


Some of our brethren have had long experience in the truth, and have for years been acquainted with me and with the influence of the visions. They have tested the truthfulness of these testimonies, and asserted their belief in them. They have felt the powerful influence of the Spirit of God resting upon them to witness to the truthfulness of the visions. If such, when reproved through vision, rise up against them, and work secretly to injure our influence, they should be faithfully dealt with, for their influence is endangering those who lack experience. —Testimonies for the Church 1:382. GW92 280.1


IN PUBLIC LABOR DO NOT MAKE PROMINENT, AND QUOTE THAT WHICH SISTER WHITE HAS WRITTEN, AS AUTHORITY TO SUSTAIN YOUR POSITIONS. TO DO THIS WILL NOT INCREASE FAITH IN THE TESTIMONIES. Bring your evidences, clear and plain, from the Word of God. A “Thus saith the Lord” is the strongest testimony you can possibly present to the people. Let none be educated to look to Sister White, but to the mighty God, who gives instruction to Sister White. –Letter 11, 1894.

Q – Do you require a person to believe the Testimonies before baptizing him and receiving him into church fellowship? {1907 JNL, COOD 162.3}q-


A –  Instruction should be given with reference to the gift of prophecy, and its manifestation among Seventh-day Adventists, and the candidate should have opportunity to read enough of Sister White’s writings to learn the practical bearing and nature of her work among this people. There have been cases in the past where persons were baptized before they had even HEARD that there was such a gift among this denomination. Such a course is decidedly wrong. In some instances, there was afterward “war in the camp,” as those individuals claimed they had been DECEIVED by being brought into fellowship before they knew that the spirit of prophecy was among this people. Just how we should deal with different cases in reference to belief or unbelief in the Testimonies is plainly stated by Sister White herself, in “Gospel Workers,” pages 279. 280. {1907 JNL, COOD 162.4}

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Should the writings of sister White be used as a TEST OF FELLOWSHIP?



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