The adrenal glands, seated on top of each kidney, are part of the endocrine system, that is: the internally secreting or ductless glands which release their secretions directly into the blood stream. The adrenals, often referred to as the suprarenal, are the Creator’s most intricate chemical factories. “It would take acres of chemical plants” to synthetically manufacture “the 50 odd hormones or hormone-like substances” produced by the adrenal glands. (Ratcliff, 1975, p. 69)

Not only do these hormones control all the oxidation processes of the human body through the anterior pituitary body, but they regulate growth, mental balance, sexual development and maintenance, and a host of other phenomena… The adrenals, the pituitary, and the thyroid are functionally united comprising the adrenal system. THE ADRENALS ARE ABSOLUTELYESSENTIAL TO LIFE.


  1. Licorice & the adrenals: Most hypoglycemics have problems feeding themselves, for they crave protein and sugar, yet these substances are wearing on the adrenals, which are often exhausted in hypoglycemics. You need to feed the adrenals with licorice root and hawthorne berries, the latter being said to produce natural adrenalin. You need to take high-quality protein, as in the nuts and seeds and legumes. Sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted almonds, and chia seeds

are all high-quality sources of protein. The other seeds and nuts are good as well.

You can soak and low-heat legumes, particularly pinto beans, which are high in potassium and easily digested, for satisfying and long-lasting protein. Be sure that you eat plenty of vegetables, both raw and cooked, in preference to too many fruits, which can overload the system with sugar.

When suffering with hypoglycemia, I devised a power-packed drink which helped every time. In a blender place a handful of soaked or sprouted almonds, a cup or two of water, a banana, some pineapple juice, a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, and a handful of chia seeds.

Blend until the seeds thicken the drink. This is mild but very helpful in feeding high-vibration protein to the system.

Addison’s Disease: When a person’s adrenal glands become so exhausted that they simply do not function anymore, the condition is called Addison’s disease, which is a terminal disease.

It is characterized by blotchy pigment appearing suddenly on large parts of the body, intolerance to heat or cold, reduction in capacity for muscular work, weakness, inability to stand any stress or emotional excitement, whether positive or negative, sometimes nervous breakdown or even

insanity, complete exhaustion, feeling that one is going to die, inability to digest food, and other similar symptoms. The synthetic cortisone is given to supply the need of the natural substance, but it produces complications, side effects and eventual disillusionment as it will not in any way heal the adrenals.

Sarsaparilla also contains cortin one of the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. The body will die almost immediately if this hormone is stopped but if there is only a small or insufficient amount the body becomes easily ill and develops nervous depression and general weakness. So many maladies are related to adrenal weakness and exhaustion, including hypoglycemia, so people should take note if they are striving to rebuild their adrenals. Sarsaparilla may be able to help.

Cell Deterioration: Anytime a person has cell-deterioration, be it called by whatever name medical science can come up with, melanoma, carcinoma, malignant or benign, the adrenal function must be investigated…so that if there is some dysfunction, it can be remedied through diet and herbs.

Herbal Aids

Adrenals Formula: (Adrenetone) Contains mullein, licorice, Siberian

ginseng, gotu kola, hawthorne berries, cayenne, and Ginger. As this formula helps promote the correction of any imbalance in the adrenal gland it also compensates for any stress placed on the heart.

Licorice: The steroidal content has also brought the herb into some prominence for healing and restoring the adrenal glands. About every five hours, the adrenals need some sort of nourishment in order to continue supplying strength to the body. If a meal or some other nourishment is not forthcoming, Licorice can supply the adrenals. The armies of Alexander the

Great, mentioned above as carrying Licorice with them on their long marches for allaying thirst, also benefited from this strengthening agent to give them stamina and endurance–a far cry from today’s chocolate candy bar, Dr. Christopher noted, which is given to the poor G.I. in the military.

Panc Tea: Herbal Aid for Pancreas and Companion Glands Formula:

Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia involve the breakdown of the adrenal glands as well as the pancreas…As time went on, we found that some of our ailing pancreas patients, though the sugar and insulin problem was adjusted, would have problems with the pituitary, pineal or adrenal glands. We had not, at this time, taken the thought into our mind that the pancreas doesn’t work alone, but is assisted by other glands. When the pancreas was

healed, toxic burdens centered more, now, into the other glands. This was the time we added additional herbs to take care of these other glands–and since then they all are rejuvenated and healed together.

The formula we have used for years, with success in all age groups from children to old aged patients is as follows: Cedar berries sixteen parts and one part of each of the following–golden seal root, uva ursi, cayenne, licorice root and mullein.

Adrenetone: Adrenals Formula: In our monthly seminars with doctors, we

are asked repeatedly – “What can be done for malfunctioning adrenal glands?” A larger and larger number of their patients are suffering from this problem.

Because of so many requests for an aid to the adrenals, we formulated a group of herbs consisting of mullein and lobelia, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, licorice, Hawthorn berries, cayenne and ginger. … I wish it noted that two of the important herbs recommended are mullein and lobelia.

They are a natural pair to use in repair and rejuvenation of the glandular system. Also, the balance of each additional herb added.

This formula for the adrenal glands has done much good, but it is, as we have explained frequently before, working on the effect. In addition to this, we must go to the cause–watch the diet, the liquid intake, remembering to use deep breathing exercises, and above all, keep a positive and good mental outlook on life

Anti-Obese Herbal Food Combination: Licorice is used here because it decreases the desire to overeat while it gives energy to the body. The licorice root actually feeds the adrenal glands. Every 5 hours or so, the adrenal glands need a “meal”, that is, some sort of nourishment. Many people try to fill this need by filling their intestines with empty calories.

Licorice root provides this lift for the adrenals and thereby can sustain an individual’s stamina without them having to eat a large meal for energy.

Juices for the Adrenals: Carrot & spinach, pineapple.


Adapted from Dr.Christopher files

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