Adenoids – Polyps


Adenoiditis is inflammation of the adenoids. The adenoid is a relaxed condition of the mucous membrane, resulting in nasal or laryngeal polyps. There will be problems continually throughout life for the mouth breather, unless this condition is cleared.


The polyps are caused by a toxic and mucus condition in the body, so go back to the basic cause and use the mucusless diet.

Herbal Aids

Bayberry: Snuff or blow powder up the nostrils 3-4 times daily (at first there is pain, then sneezing every 20-30 seconds and continuing for 5-10 minutes); there are copious discharges of thick, viscid and often stringy mucoid matter and the influence of the powder causes the adenoids to dry up–an adenoid being a relaxed condition of the mucous membrane.

Bayberry or Oak: To shrink the swellings in the nose and throat areas, many herbalists suggest that we make a tea of bayberry bark or oak bark and snuffle it up the nose. Some children can be taught to “drink it up the nose,” using one side at a time. It will also be helpful to drink some of this tea two or three times a day. For some, the easier way is to use an atomizer spray up the nose. Still another procedure is to put a small amount (a pinch) of the oak bark or bayberry bark powder into a plastic, flexible drinking straw, and, very carefully, blow it up the nose (only a very small amount at a time or it will plug up the nose and get into the lungs).

Carrots: The regular use of fresh carrot juice is a fine aid to clean up the mucous membrane and reduce the “unnatural swellings” in the body such as adenoids.

Figs: Contain an active ingredient called benzaldehyde which has been found to be a very effective carcinostatic agent for reducing certain kinds of tumors found in the neck, throat, and general lymphatic system particularly the adenoids.

Adapted from Dr.Christopher files

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