The Seals Timeline and Possible Trumpets Historical and Future Fulfillment

  1. The seven trumpets come from the seventh seal and the seventh seal as adventists we believe is from 1844, why date back the trumpets?


  1. How do you reconcile the statement from GC and 3SM?


In the year 1840 another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy excited widespread interest. Two years before, Josiah Litch, one of the leading ministers preaching the second advent, published an exposition of Revelation 9, predicting the fall of the Ottoman Empire. According to his calculations, this power was to be overthrown “in A.D. 1840, sometime in the month of August;” and only a few days previous to its accomplishment he wrote: “Allowing the first period, 150 years, to have been exactly fulfilled before Deacozes ascended the throne by permission of the Turks, and that the 391 years, fifteen days, commenced at the close of the first period, it will end on the 11th of August, 1840, when the Ottoman power in Constantinople may be expected to be broken. And this, I believe, will be found to be the case.”–Josiah Litch, in Signs of the Times, and Expositor of Prophecy, Aug. 1, 1840. At the very time specified, Turkey, through her ambassadors, accepted the protection of the allied powers of Europe, and thus placed herself under the control of Christian nations. The event exactly fulfilled the prediction. (See Appendix.) When it became known, multitudes were convinced of the correctness of the principles of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller and his associates, and a wonderful impetus was given to the advent movement. Men of learning and position united with Miller, both in preaching and in publishing his views, and from 1840 to 1844 the work rapidly extended. {GC 334, 335}

 Solemn events before us are yet to transpire. Trumpet after trumpet is to be sounded; vial after vial poured out one after another upon the inhabitants of the earth.–3SM 426 (1890).


  1. Another question is, the souls under the altar are in the fifth seal, but it is like they being presented as being judged and worthy of eternal life by being given white robes. We know judgment happens on the Day of Atonement and starts with the dead then to the living, shouldn’t the fifth seal then be placed from 1844 and not before, and if before, why?

While doing the study of Revelation 6:9, I was led to conclude that the souls under the altar has to do with Dark Ages martyrs although there will be a repeat of the same. Why did I conclude that?


Historical fulfillment

“In the thirteenth century was established that most terrible of all the engines of the papacy–the Inquisition. The prince of darkness wrought with the leaders of the papal hierarchy. In their secret councils Satan and his angels controlled the minds of evil men, while unseen in the midst stood an angel of God, taking the fearful record of their iniquitous decrees and writing the history of deeds too horrible to appear to human eyes. “Babylon the great” was “drunken with the blood of the saints.” THE MANGLED FORMS OF MILLIONS OF MARTYRS CRIED TO GOD FOR VENGEANCE UPON THAT APOSTATE POWER. {GC 59.3}”


Future fulfillment

“And when he had opened THE FIFTH SEAL, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: and they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, Holy and true, doest Thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them [They were pronounced pure and holy]; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled” [Revelation 6:9-11]. Here were scenes presented to John that were not in reality but that which would be in a period of time in the future. [Revelation 8:1-4, quoted.]  {20MR 197.5}


Whatever may be our experience or supposed intelligence, we must all become learners and receive an education in spiritual things, that we may give to others. Let all bear in mind that Christ in His life has given them an example of the necessity of prayer. [Through His Word] He says, “THE END OF ALL THINGS IS AT HAND: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” “Watch ye and pray,  lest ye enter into temptation.” “Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.” “Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so THAT DAY COME UPON YOU UNAWARES. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”  {20MR 198.6}


THE SAME SPIRIT IS SEEN TODAY THAT IS REPRESENTED IN REVELATION 6:6-8. HISTORY IS TO BE REPEATED. THAT WHICH HAS BEEN WILL BE AGAIN. This spirit works to confuse and to perplex. Dissension will be seen in every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, and those who have not had a spirit to follow the light that God has given through His living oracles, through His appointed agencies, will become confused. Their judgment will reveal weakness. Disorder and strife and confusion will be seen in the church.  {20MR 199.1}


We are standing on the threshold of great and solemn events. Prophecies are fulfilling. The last great conflict will be short, but terrible. OLD CONTROVERSIES WILL BE REVIVED. NEW CONTROVERSIES WILL ARISE. We have a great work to do. Our ministerial work must not cease. The last warnings must be given to the world. There is a  special power in the presentation of the truth at the present time. How long will it last? Only a little while. . . .  {3SM 419.3}




On the issue of the 7 seals coinciding with 7 churches periods

From casual reading it can be deduced that the times are not the same but there are parallels and overlaps. Why? When the Book of Revelation which contains the seals and trumpets is opened, we read the following:


There in His open hand lay the book, THE ROLL OF THE HISTORY of God’s providences, the PROPHETIC HISTORY OF NATIONS AND THE CHURCH. Herein was contained the divine utterances, His authority, His commandments, His laws, the whole symbolic counsel of the Eternal, and the history of all ruling powers in the nations. In symbolic language was contained in that roll the influence of every nation, tongue, and people from the beginning of earth’s history to its close.  {20MR 197.2}


So what the seals are going to reveal, it has something to do with the 7 churches. About the 7 churches we read


The names of the SEVEN CHURCHES ARE SYMBOLIC OF THE CHURCH IN DIFFERENT PERIODS OF THE CHRISTIAN ERA. The number 7 indicates completeness, and is symbolic of the fact that the MESSAGES EXTEND TO THE END OF TIME, while the symbols used reveal the CONDITION OF THE CHURCH AT DIFFERENT PERIODS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  {AA 585.3}


Deduction: if the seals then reveal the history of the 7 churches and the 7 churches history spans from Christian era, then we expect to find some matching /parallel/overlap data of the seals and the churches. Hope am not ambiguous there.


There have been also thoughts that the Book in Revelation 5 is the same little book of Revelation 10. This I find no facts for credence. I would say that the Book of Revelation 5 contains the totality of what has been said in 20MR 197.2 but the little book in Revelation 10 is specifically for the portion of Daniel which God commanded him to seal. Why? There are so many parallels between Daniel 12 and Revelation 10 angel. Also this angel of Revelation 10 has seven thunders which we read:


THE BOOKS OF DANIEL AND THE REVELATION ARE ONE. One is a prophecy, the other a revelation; one a book sealed, the other a book opened. John heard the MYSTERIES WHICH THE THUNDERS UTTERED, but he was commanded not to write them. The special light given to John which was expressed in the seven thunders was a DELINEATION OF EVENTS WHICH WOULD TRANSPIRE UNDER THE FIRST AND SECOND ANGELS’ MESSAGES. It was not best for the people to know these things, for their faith must necessarily be tested. In the order of God, most wonderful and advanced truths would be proclaimed. THE FIRST AND SECOND ANGELS’ MESSAGES WERE TO BE PROCLAIMED, BUT NO FURTHER LIGHT WAS TO BE REVEALED BEFORE THESE MESSAGES HAD DONE THEIR SPECIFIC WORK. This is represented by the ANGEL STANDING WITH ONE FOOT ON THE SEA, proclaiming with a most solemn oath that time should be no longer.  {1MR 99.3} (MS 59, 1900)


This sheds light to the issue of trumpets because, Revelation 10 is an interlude between the sixth trumpet and the seventh trumpet. The events of the sixth trumpet are inclusive of the first and second angels messages. Hence if the sixth trumpet as inspiration indicates includes the first and second angels messages, we can put a time period on it yet we know that the first and second angels messages goes on till the probation is closed so there is an overlap of the sixth and seventh trumpet.


So how do we reconcile all these things?

I reconcile/harmonize them by realizing and accepting the FACT that there is a definite RE-APPLICATION of certain historically-fulfilled prophecies…like the trumpets in FINAL fulfillment and last days’ significance according to INSPIRATION. While the trumpets, according to the Testimonies, apparently HAD significance and application to the past experience of God’s people, those very SAME Testimonies PLAINLY state that there is to be a FINAL, FUTURE fulfillment of the seven trumpets in these last days.


Here is another example of the reapplication of historically fulfilled prophecy to the future, like the “trumpets”: We understand that much of Revelation 13 has already met with historical fulfillment, like verse 5 and the 42 months thereof; YET we read where the SOP quotes verses 4-10 [including verse 5 and the 42 months thereof] and verses 11, 15-17 of Revelation Chapter 13, and then states:


“The Sabbath question will be the issue in the great conflict in which all the world will act a part. [Revelation 13:4-10 quoted.] This ENTIRE chapter is a revelation of what WILL surely take place [Revelation 13:11, 15-17 quoted] (Manuscript 88, 1897). {7BC 979.10}.


“ENTIRE” means “ALL”, not just a “part” of. AND we read further: [Note: verses 4-18, including verse 5 and the 42 months thereof, are directly quoted]:


“In the last days Satan will appear as an angel of light, with great power and heavenly glory, and claim to be the Lord of the whole earth. He will declare that the Sabbath has been changed from the seventh to the first day of the week; and as lord of the first day of the week he will present this spurious sabbath as a test of loyalty to him. Then will take place the FINAL fulfillment of the Revelator’s prophecy. [Revelation 13:4-18, quoted.] {19MR 282.1}


A “FINAL fulfillment” embraces the FACT that there must have been a PREVIOUS, historical fulfillment.



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