Duties and responsibilities of True Gospel medical missionary

The work of the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work. It includes prayer and the laying on of hands; he therefore should be as sacredly set apart for his work as is the minister of the gospel. Those who are selected to act the part of missionary physicians are to be set apart as such. This will strengthen them against the temptations to withdraw from the sanitarium work to engage in private practice. No selfish motives should be allowed to draw the worker from his post of duty. The medical work done in connection with the giving of the third angel’s message, is to accomplish wonderful results. It is to be a sanctifying, unifying work, corresponding to the work which the great Head of the church sent forth the first disciples to do. {CH 540.4}

The call to True Gospel medical missionary work is offering us to work in a very robust field. These are the areas of work that God may be calling you to work in. You need to know your qualifications from the Lord to identify the area(s) you are gifted.

1. Christian physician (SpTB15 11.1)
2. Christian nurse ({CH 406.3})
3. Christian helpers/attendants {SpTB19 36.2}; {RH, December 5, 1899 par. 6}
4. Matrons (MM 207.2}
5. Patrons {PH136 12.5}
6. Christian cooks (CG 372)
7. Garden missionaries/farm managers (MH 193)
8. Superintendent ({PH088 4.2}
9. Home missionary workers ({RH, November 23, 1905 par. 17} )
10. Seamstress- Dressmaking (RH, August 7, 1913 par. 13)
11. Carpentry work (PH158 15.3)
12. Masonry work {1SAT 280.1}
13. Health press work {RH, June 23, 1903 par. 1}

Duties of a Christian physician
PHYSICIAN, n. A person skilled in the art of healing; one whose profession is to prescribe remedies for diseases.
In the bible Luke was a great physician:Col 4:14
A physician in the gospel medical missionary work is highly intelligent, studious and pious in the line of knowing the disease, its cause , prevention and cure.
The physician stands in a difficult place. Strong temptations will come to him, and unless kept by the power of God, that which he hears and sees in his work will discourage his heart and pollute his soul. His thoughts should be constantly uplifted to God. This is his only safety. {SpTB15 11.1}

1. Winning souls to Christ. Countless are the opportunities that a physician has for winning souls to God, for cheering the discouraged, and relieving the despair that comes to the soul when the body is tortured with pain. {SpTB15 11.2}
2. Work from cause to effect
The intelligent Christian physician has a constantly increasing realization of the connection between sin and disease. He strives to see more and more clearly the relation between cause and effect. He sees that those who are taking the nurses’ course should be given a thorough education in the principles of health reform, that they should be taught to be strictly temperate in all things, because carelessness in regard to the laws of health is inexcusable in those set apart to teach others how to live. {7T 74.3}
3. Encouraging the sin sick soul
The physician, who knows that Christ is his personal Saviour, because he himself has been led to the Refuge, knows how to deal with the trembling, guilty, sin-sick souls who turn to him for help. He can respond to the inquiry, “What must I do to be saved?” He can tell the story of the Redeemer’s love. He can speak from experience of the power of repentance and faith. In simple, earnest words he can present the soul’s need to God in prayer and can encourage the sick one also to ask for and accept the mercy of the compassionate Saviour. As he thus ministers at the bedside of the sick, striving to speak words that will bring help and comfort, the Lord works with him and through him. As the mind of the sufferer is directed to the Saviour, the peace of Christ fills his heart, and the spiritual health that comes to him is used as the helping hand of God in restoring the health of the body. {MH 120.2}

4. Winning the confidence of the sick by their deportment
God has given a great work into the hands of physicians. The afflicted children of men are in a degree at their mercy. How the patient watches him who cares for his physical welfare! The actions and words, the very expressions of the physician’s countenance, are matters of study. What gratitude springs up in the heart of the suffering one when his pain is relieved through the efforts of his faithful physician! The patient feels that his life is in the hands of him who thus ministers to him, and the physician or the nurse can then easily approach him on religious subjects. If the sufferer is under the control of divine influences, how gently can the Christian physician or nurse drop the precious seeds of truth into the garden of the heart. He can bring the promise of God before the soul of the helpless one. If the physician has religion, he can impart the fragrance of heavenly grace to the softened and subdued heart of the suffering one. He can direct the thoughts of his patient to the Great Physician. He can present Jesus to the sin-sick soul. {PH066 39.1}

5. Should be Confidant to the sick.
How often the physician is made a confidant, and griefs and trials are laid open before him by the sick. At such a time what precious opportunities are afforded to speak words of comfort and consolation in the fear and love of God, and to impart Christian counsel. Deep love for souls for whom Christ died should imbue the physician. In the fear of God I tell you that none but a Christian physician can rightly discharge the duties of this sacred profession, and there must be a decided transformation of character in the physicians employed at the Sanitarium {PH066 40.1}

6. Invites the presence of the Lord in the sick room
Knowing the Lord Jesus, it is the privilege of the Christian practitioner by prayer to invite His presence in the sickroom. Before performing a critical operation, let the physician ask for the aid of the Great Physician. Let him assure the suffering one that God can bring him safely through the ordeal, that in all times of distress He is a sure refuge for those who trust in Him. The physician who cannot do this loses case after case that otherwise might have been saved. If he could speak words that would inspire faith in the sympathizing Saviour, who feels every throb of anguish, and could present the needs of the soul to Him in prayer, the crisis would oftener be safely passed. {MH 118.3}

7. Demonstrate Piety in his/her life while helping the sick
Neglect of prayer causes the Christian to become weak, to lose self-control, to give rein to impure thoughts and impulses. But in learning of Christ, in looking to Jesus, in depending upon his strength, the physician will be brought into sympathy with Christ; and in treating the sick he will seek God for wisdom. Then instead of placing his dependence upon drugs, and expecting that medicine will bring health to his patients, he will use nature’s restoratives, and employ natural means whereby the sick may be aided to recovery. The Lord will hear and answer the prayer of the Christian physician, and he may reach an elevated standard if he will but lay hold upon the hand of Christ, and determine that he will not let go.

Golden opportunities are open to the Christian physician; for he may exert a precious influence upon those with whom he is brought in contact. He may guide and mold and fashion the lives of his patients by holding before them heavenly principles.

Take his work seriously
The physician should let men see that he does not regard his work as of a cheap order, but looks upon it as high, noble, elevated work, even that to which is attached the sacred accountability of dealing with both the souls and the bodies of those for whom Christ has paid the infinite price of his most precious blood. If the physician has the mind of Christ, he will be cheerful, hopeful, and happy, but not trifling. He will realize that heavenly angels accompany him to the sick-room, and will find words to speak readily, truthfully, to his patients, that will cheer and bless them. His faith will be full of simplicity, of childlike confidence in the Lord. He will be able to repeat to the repenting soul the gracious promises of God, and thus place the trembling hand of the afflicted ones in the hand of Christ, that they may find repose in God. Thus, through the grace imparted to him, the physician will fulfill his Heavenly Father’s claims upon him. In delicate and perilous operations he may know that Jesus is by his side to counsel, to strengthen, to nerve him to act with precision and skill in his efforts to save human life. If the presence of God is not in the sick-room, Satan will be there to suggest perilous experiments, and will seek to unbalance the nerves, so that life will be destroyed rather than saved. {PH066 36.1}

Dealing with serious matters of eternity
A physician occupies a more important position because of dealing with morbid souls, diseased minds, and afflicted bodies, than does the minister of the gospel. The physician can present an elevated standard of Christian character, if he will be instant in season and out of season. He is thus a missionary for the Lord, doing the Master’s work with fidelity, and will receive a reward by and by. Let the Christian keep his own counsel, and divulge no secret to unbelievers. Let him communicate no secret that will disparage God’s people. Guard your thoughts; close the door to temptation. Do your work as in the sight of the Divine Watcher. Work patiently, expecting that, through the grace of Christ, you will make a success in your profession. Keep up the barriers which the Lord has erected for your safety. Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life, or of death. {PH066 37.1}

8. Ensure that there is no controversy in the sick room
At the bedside of the sick no word of creed or controversy should be spoken. Let the sufferer be pointed to the One who is willing to save all that come to Him in faith. Earnestly, tenderly strive to help the soul that is hovering between life and death. {MH 120.1}

It is a mistake to think that points of doctrine must first be presented to one who is in error. The first thing to be presented is the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world. By the bedside of the sick, the physician has abundant opportunity to call attention to the Saviour of mankind; and shall these precious opportunities be lost? Shall he hide his talents, and fail to bring salvation to the lost one? {PH066 48.1}

As the subject of vital godliness is made essential for salvation, the peculiarities of our faith will appear, distinguishing us from the world and yet no tirade should be made against the doctrines held by others. In our associations with worldly people, the spirit of Christ shown in true modesty, and the true Christian principles lived by those who know the truth, will be a recommendation to our faith. The Sanitarium is indeed a broad missionary field. {PH066 48.2}

Present the Third angel’s message, present Jesus
I want to say that the third angel’s message is the gospel, and that the health reform is the entering wedge for the truth. There are to be no abrupt declarations of any phase of our faith. Preach the truth as it is in Jesus, and bring all the brightness and special radiance from the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness into the gospel. Those who speak of practical godliness should dwell upon the lessons of Christ. All should have the guidance of the Holy Spirit; and let none be satisfied without it. Let your words express your confidence and love for God. The most simple testimonies borne in a humble spirit, expressing the love of God will touch hearts. Even unbelievers will see that the doctors and nurses and workers are all combined to represent the truth in character. {PH066 48.3}

9. Directs patients to the promises of God
The physician has precious opportunities for directing his patients to the promises of God’s word. He is to bring from the treasure house things new and old, speaking here and there the words of comfort and instruction that are longed for. Let the physician make his mind a storehouse of fresh thoughts. Let him study the word of God diligently, that he may be familiar with its promises. Let him learn to repeat the comforting words that Christ spoke during His earthly ministry when giving His lessons and healing the sick. He should talk of the works of healing wrought by Christ, of His tenderness and love. Never should he neglect to direct the minds of his patients to Christ, the Chief Physician. {MH 121.2}

10. Educates on Health principles
The true physician is an educator. He recognizes his responsibility, not only to the sick who are under his direct care, but also to the community in which he lives. He stands as a guardian of both physical and moral health. It is his endeavor not only to teach right methods for the treatment of the sick, but to encourage right habits of living, and to spread a knowledge of right principles. {MH 125.1}

The most exalted part of the physician’s work is to lead the men and women under their care to see that the cause of disease is the violation of the laws of health, and to encourage them to higher and holier views of life. Instruction should be given that will provide an antidote for the diseases of the soul as well as for the sickness of the body. Only that sanitarium will be a healthful institution where right principles are established. The physician, who knowing the remedy for the diseases of the soul and body, neglects the educational part of his work, will have to give an account of his neglect in the day of judgement. Strict purity of language and every word and action is to be guarded. {SpTB15 15.5}

Educate that drugs do not cure
The use of drugs has resulted in far more harm than good; and should our physicians who claim to believe the truth almost entirely dispense with medicine, and faithfully practice along the lines of the principles of hygiene, using nature’s remedies, far greater success would attend their efforts. {PH066 40.3}

Drug medication, as it is generally practised, is a curse. Educate away from drugs. Use them less and less, and depend more upon hygienic agencies; then nature will respond to God’s physician’s–pure air, pure water, proper exercise, a clear conscience. Those who persist in the use of tea, coffee, and flesh meats will feel the need of drugs, but many might recover without one grain of medicine if they would obey the laws of health. Drugs need seldom be used. {PH066 43.1}

Educate on these themes
Then what is the special work in all our institutions for health? Instead of educating the appetite to indulgence, which is the great cause of disease, knowledge must be imparted in regard to self-denial of appetite and control of the passions. The knowledge of salvation, the knowledge of sin, and of redemption from its fearful woes, its bondage, and its defilement must be plainly stated to all,–high or low, rich or poor, –in carefully prepared lectures. {PH066 44.2}

There should be male and female physicians. The ethics of true medical missionary work

Lady physicians and men physicians
The light given me of the Lord regarding this matter is that as far as possible lady physicians should care for lady patients, and gentleman physicians have the care of gentleman patients. Every physician should respect the delicacy of the patients. Any unnecessary exposure of ladies before male physicians is wrong. Its influence is detrimental. {SpTB15 13.4}

Delicate treatments should not be given by male physicians to women in our institutions. Never should a lady patient be alone with a gentlemen physician, either for special examination or for treatment. Let the physicians be faithful in preserving delicacy and modesty under all circumstances. {SpTB15 13.5}

Midwifery work
Our institutions should be especially thorough in giving to women a training that will fit them to act as midwives. There should be in our sanitariums lady physicians who understand well their profession, and who can attend women at the time of childbirth. Light has been given me that women instead of men should take the responsibility in such cases. I was directed to the Bible plan, in which at such times women acted the part of the physician. This plan should be carried out by us; for it is the Lord’s plan. {SpTB15 2.3}

Again and again light has been given me that women should be chosen and educated for this line of work. Now the time has come when we should face the matter clearly. More women should be educated for this work, and thus a door of temptation may be closed. We should allow no unnecessary temptation to be placed in the way of physicians and nurses, or the people for whom they minister. {SpTB15 3.1}

Physicians and their qualifications
In this line of service a positive work needs to be done. Women as well as men are to receive a thorough medical training. They should make a special study of diseases common to women, that they may understand how to treat them. It is considered most essential that men desiring to practice medicine shall receive the broad training necessary for the following of such a profession. It is just as essential that women receive such training, and obtain their diplomas certifying their right to act as physicians. {SpTB15 2.2}

The Christian physician occupies a position as responsible as that of the gospel minister, and he should have no less consecration to God. Careless words and deportment do great harm. They are a savor of death unto death. But if in your daily life you practise the pure principles of the gospel, your example will be a savor of life unto life; Christ’s holy maxims will ever be upon your lips, because they are cherished as a priceless treasure in the heart. {PH066 7.3}

11. A physician can baptize –of course male physicians who meet the qualifications
When one goes out as a physician, gospel teacher, and canvasser, he should be fully empowered to do the work of a minister. When under his labors souls accept the truth and give evidence of true conversion, he is to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. And such workers should have the sympathy and co-operation of those who remain at home. {Ms55-1901}

Duties and responsibilities of a Christian Nurse

Meaning of a Nurse
A woman that has the care of infants, or a woman employed to tend the children of others.
A woman who suckles infants.
A woman that has the care of a sick person.
A man who has the care of the sick.
A person that breeds, educates or protects; hence, that which breeds, brings up or causes to grow; as Greece, the nurse of the liberal arts.
An old woman; in contempt.
The state of being nursed; as, to put a child to nurse.
In composition, that which supplies food; as a nurse-pond.

1. Labour for souls.
The Lord has ordained that Christian physicians and nurses shall labor in connection with those who preach the Word. The medical missionary work is to be bound up with the gospel ministry.–Medical Ministry, p. 240.
2. Visiting the sick {RH, July 5, 1906 par. 24}
3. Finding homes for the orphans and work for the unemployed {RH, July 5, 1906 par. 24}
4. Nursing the sick {RH, July 5, 1906 par. 24}
5. Teaching the truth from house to house on health principles {RH, July 5, 1906 par. 24}, {MH 148.2}
6. Distribution of health publication {RH, July 5, 1906 par. 24}
7. Know how to intelligently give Simple remedies {LLM 78.5}
8. Should be health counselors {SpTB06 21.3}
9. Comfort and help the sick and suffering. {RC 254.3}, RH, February 2, 1905 par. 6}

There are many lines of work to be carried forward by the missionary nurse. There are opportunities for well-trained nurses to go into homes and there endeavor to awaken an interest in the truth. In almost every community there are large numbers who will not listen to the teaching of God’s Word or attend any religious service. If these are reached by the gospel, it must be carried to their homes. Often the relief of their physical needs is the only avenue by which they can be approached. {RC 254.5}

10. Food and clothing distributions
Missionary nurses who care for the sick and relieve the distress of the poor will find many opportunities to pray with them, to read to them from God’s Word, and to speak of the Saviour. They can pray with and for the helpless ones who have not strength of will to control the appetites that passion has degraded. They can bring a ray of hope into the lives of the defeated and disheartened. The revelation of unselfish love, manifested in acts of disinterested kindness, will make it easier for these suffering ones to believe in the love of Christ.–Review and Herald, Dec. 24, 1914. {RC 254.6}

Duties Christian helpers
Dut HELPER, n. One that helps, aids or assists; an assistant; an auxiliary.
1. One that furnishes or administers a remedy.
Compassion–is oftentimes a helper of evils.
2. One that supplies with any thing wanted; with to.
A helper to a husband.
3. A spare servant.

A Christian may seem to be acting in a lower ranks in the gospel missionary work, but that is not so. He or she stands to bring glory to God in the work of assisting those in need of mental, physical and spiritual health into a fully restored life thru Christ. Most of the times they act as nurses under qualified physicians
1. Laboring for souls
2. Visit the sick
3. Give bible studies with the sick
4. Teach on health principles
5. Help in encouraging and taking care of the sick.
6. Assist the physician with the needful things in the sickroom.

Duties of Christian cooks
The Science of Cooking Is an Essential Art.–The science of cooking is not a small matter. . . . This art should be regarded as the most valuable of all the arts, because it is so closely connected with life. It should receive more attention; for in order to make good blood, the system requires good food. The foundation of that which keeps people in health is the medical missionary work of good cooking. {CG 372.1}

1. Prepare attractive, heavenly, neatly prepared,and palatable preparation of food. CG 372.2} SW, October 30, 1901 par. 1} {1T 682.1}
2. Give lecture in regard to hygienic cooking, in homes, villages, cities etc. CG 372.2} {2MR 217.2}
3. Train people on the art. {CG 372.3}, {CG 372.4}
4. Present the health principals to be people
5. Study and research on food substitutes, give advice on recipes based on localities.
6. Educate on food preservation mechanisms {PHJ, July 1, 1905 par. 8}
7. Educate on principles to be considered in arranging the table {8MR 375.3}

Duties of Garden Missionaries
Christian farmers can do real missionary work in helping the poor to find homes on the land and in teaching them how to till the soil and make it productive. Teach them how to use the implements of agriculture, how to cultivate various crops, how to plant and care for orchards. {MH 193.2}

Who are called here?
Families (MH 193), fathers(356), teachers (ED 219), farm superintendents ({AUCR, July 31, 1899 par. 4}), the youth ED 219, Children (ED 214)
1. Helping the poor to find food MH 193
2. Giving Bible principles in relation to Agriculture ED 219
3. Teaching intelligent skills oh how to till the land and make it productive MH 193
4. Teaching on different farm tools and there use and maintenance MH 193
5. Educate on the needs of crops, varieties , pest and weed control, time of planting etc MH 193, {CG 356.1}
6. Researching and giving results on farming techniques MH 193
7. Always doing practical demonstration to interest the minds of the people ED 219, {11MR 48.1}
8. Calling attention to simpler methods of gardening 6T 179, CT 311.1}

Note: Every Christian farmer must allow God to instruct him in his or her work.
Isaiah 28: 24-29
Doth the plowman plow all day to sow? doth he open and break the clods of his ground? When he hath made plain the face thereof, doth he not cast abroad the fitches, and scatter the cummin, and cast in the principal wheat and the appointed barley and the rie in their place? For his God doth instruct him to discretion, [and] doth teach him. For the fitches are not threshed with a threshing instrument, neither is a cart wheel turned about upon the cummin; but the fitches are beaten out with a staff, and the cummin with a rod. Bread [corn] is bruised; because he will not ever be threshing it, nor break [it with] the wheel of his cart, nor bruise it [with] his horsemen. This also cometh forth from the LORD of hosts, [which] is wonderful in counsel, [and] excellent in working.

Duties of Matron/Patron
PATRON, n. [L. patronus; Gr. father.]
1. Among the Romans, a master who had freed his slave, and retained some rights over him after his emancipation; also, a man of distinction under whose protection another placed himself. Hence,
2. One who countenances, supports and protects either a person or a work.
3. In the church of Rome, a guardian or saint, whose name a person bears, or under whose special care he is placed and whom he invokes; or a saint in whose name a church or order is founded.
4. In the canon or common law, one who has the gift and disposition of a benefice.
5. An advocate; a defender; one that specially countenances and supports, or lends aid to advance; as patrons of the arts; a patron of useful undertakings; the patrons of virtue.
6. In seamen’s language, the commander of a small vessel or passage-boat; also, one who steers a ship’s long boat.

MATRON, n. [L. matrona; from mater, mother.]
An elderly married woman, or an elderly lady.

Qualifications of the Matron

The nurses and student nurses should be under the charge of a matron who can be a guide and counselor to them. She should be capable of exercising wise supervision. She needs to be a woman of good health, not self-centered, but affectionate, unselfish, and sunny, one who can mold minds, not by being authoritative but by being kind and thoughtful, and yet firm to principle. She must forget herself in her interest for others. The simplicity of heart religion must be seen in those who perform the services required of a matron.–MS. 162, 1897. {MM 207.2}

The one who occupies the position of matron in an institution should be a woman of experience, who in an emergency knows what needs to be done. She should be a woman of executive ability, a woman who is willing to bear burdens, and who daily goes to God for wisdom. She should be a woman who knows what the rules of propriety are, and who observes them.–Letter 30, 1887

1. Guard the workers, especially the younger ones making sure that they are morally upright . {7T 119.1}
2. Co-operate with God in restoring the sick to health.in an health institution coordinating prayer cells {AUCR, April 1, 1901 par. 4}, CH 234.2}
3. Teachers in the home life and home governance skills {13MR 93.2}
4. Watch over character development {12MR 132.3}
5. Give bible studies {PH136 12.5}

Read Titus 2:3-5

Note: that parents are to be matrons and patrons to their children

Duties of Home missionary workers
First home missionaries should be parents. If you cannot be a missionary at home , you won’t be a faithful one outside.

Not all can go as missionaries to foreign fields, but all can live the Christlife where they are. All can give of their means for the support of workers in foreign fields. And all can engage in home missionary work. Let not parents forget the great mission field that lies before them in the home. In the children committed to her, every mother has a sacred charge from God. “Take this son, this daughter,” God says, “and train it for me. Give it a character polished after the similitude of a palace, that it may shine in the courts of the Lord forever.” {RH, November 23, 1905 par. 17}

The term “home missionary can refer to local workers in a certain localized region, a district, city or nation as opposed to a foreign land”
Many should be given the opportunity of learning trades. Others are to be trained to labor as evangelists, Bible workers, teachers, nurses, hygienic cooks, and colporteurs. Many can be taught to be home missionaries. {PCO 161.1}

God expects personal service from everyone to whom He has entrusted a knowledge of the truth for this time. Not all can go as missionaries to foreign lands, but all can be home missionaries in their families and neighborhoods. {9T 30.1}
Solemn duties
1. Character development for eternity (RH, November 23, 1905 par. 17)
2. Writing missionary letters, containing important and elevating word {RH, December 10, 1914 par. 2
3. Distributing to their neighbors tracts and papers that correctly represent our faith. {RH, December 10, 1914 par. 3}

In the various lines of home missionary work, the modest, intelligent woman may use her powers to the very highest account. Who can have so deep a love for the souls of men and women for whom Christ has died as those who are partakers of his grace? Who can represent the truth and the example of Christ better than Christian women who themselves are practicing the truth? Who are better adapted to be teachers in the Sabbath school? The true mother is fitted to be an efficient teacher of children. With a heart imbued with the love of Christ, teaching the children of her class, praying with them and for them, she may see souls converted. {RH, December 10, 1914 par. 5}

4. Giving bible studies with the Visitors at home or neighbors {RH, December 10, 1914 par. 10}
5. Teach the youth in the home principles of true home making {SSW, October 1, 1885 par. 3} , {ST, November 9, 1891 par. 7}
6. Should be able to teach whichever trades they know to people as they interwove them with the Gospel.
7. Educating family on Hygienic health principles {HR, June 1, 1877 par. 4}

A well-ordered Christian household is an argument that the infidel cannot resist. He finds no place for his cavils. And the children of such a household are prepared to meet the sophistries of infidelity. They have accepted the Bible as the basis of their faith, and they have a firm foundation that cannot be swept away by the in-coming tide of skepticism. {ST, November 9, 1891 par. 8}
Then, Christian friends, fathers and mothers, let your light grow dim–no, never! Let your heart grow faint, or your hands weary–no, never! And by and by the portals of the celestial city will be opened to you; and you may present yourselves and your children before the throne, saying, “Here am I, and the children whom thou hast given me.” And what a reward for faithfulness that will be, to see your children crowned with immortal life in the beautiful city of God! {ST, November 9, 1891 par. 9}

Duties of a Seamstress- Dressmaker
SEAMSTRESS, n. A woman whose occupation is sewing.

There is a wide field for service for women as well as for men. The efficient cook, the seamstress, the nurse,–the help of all is needed. Let the members of poor households be taught how to cook, how to make and mend their own clothing, how to nurse the sick, how to care properly for the home. Even the children should be taught to do some little errand of love and mercy for those less fortunate than themselves. {RH, August 7, 1913 par. 13}

A woman who has been taught to take care of herself is also fitted to take care of others. She will never be a drug in the family or in society. When fortune frowns, there will be a place for her somewhere, a place where she can earn an honest living and assist those who are dependent upon her. Woman should be trained to some business whereby she can gain a livelihood if necessary. Passing over other honorable employments, every girl should learn to take charge of the domestic affairs of home, should be a cook, a housekeeper, a seamstress. She should understand all those things which it is necessary that the mistress of a house should know, whether her family are rich or poor. Then, if reverses come, she is prepared for any emergency; she is, in a manner, independent of circumstances. {AH 91.3}

Solemn duties
1. Teach people the importance of putting on reformed dress from principle , tidy and well fitting, Good taste, appropriate colors, neatness, modesty, {PH123 63.1}, {BTS, May 1, 1908 par. 2}
2. Make attractive, durable and healthful dresses and clothes for people HR, April 1, 1872 par. 19}
3. Teach dress reform from the bible point of view: teach people away from costly array or expensive ornaments; simplicity in dress {BTS, May 1, 1908 par. 4}
4. Teach health principles in relation to dress November 1, 1871 par. 22}
5. Create a public awareness in pen, voice or action on the dangers of braids, pads, tight corsets, chemical deodorants, perfumes, lotions and be ready to offer the natural ones to the inquirers.

Read Health reformer November 1, 1871 } for more information

Duties of a carpenter / Masonry
Precious lessons from the best instructors should be secured in spiritual lines, in agricultural employments, and also in carpentry, and in the printing business. The Lord would have these mechanical industries brought in and taught by competent men.” {PH158 15.3}

“There should be opened to the youth means whereby many may, while attending school, learn the trade of carpentry. Under the guidance of experienced workmen, carpenters who are apt to teach, patient, and kind, the youth should be taught how to build substantially and economically. Cottages and other buildings essential to the various lines of school work, are to be erected by the students themselves. These buildings should not be crowded close together, or built near the school buildings proper. In the management of the school work, small companies should be formed, who should be taught to carry a full sense of their responsibility. All these things cannot be accomplished at once, but we can begin to work in faith.”–Counsels, p. 311. {PH124 29.3}

Solemn duties
1. To teach the trade of carpentry {PH124 29.3}
2. To build substantially and economically looking thru health principles of site location, ventilation, spacing, durability, simplicity, neatness and order , good looking houses. to build substantially and economically, {PH124 29.3}

3. Teach on principles of furnishing an heavenly home by Making simple furniture.

Furnish your home with things plain and simple, things that will bear handling, that can be easily kept clean, and that can be replaced without great expense. By exercising taste, you can make a very simple home attractive and inviting, if love and contentment are there. {AH 150.3}
For more information read Adventist home chapter 22 on Building and Furnishing the Home
4. Teach on health principles in relation to nature and sweet premises
5. Distribution of health publications at your site of operation.

Duties of Health press worker
1. An instrument or machine by which any body is squeezed, crushed or forced into a more compact form; as a wine-press, cider-press or cheese-press.
2. A machine for printing; a printing-press. Great improvements have been lately made in the construction of presses.
3. The art or business of printing and publishing. A free press is a great blessing to a free people; a licentious press is a curse to society.
4. A crowd; a throng; a multitude of individuals crowded together.
And when they could not come nigh to him for the press– Mark 2:4.
5. The act of urging or pushing forward.

We need men and women who will research, write, print and distribute Gospel of health to the world.
The Lord has presented before me that many, many will be rescued from physical, mental, and moral degeneracy through the practical influence of health reform. Health talks will be given; publications will be multiplied. The principles of health reform will be received with favor; and many will be enlightened. The influences that are associated with health reform will commend it to the judgment of all who want light; and they will advance step by step to receive the special truths for this time. Thus truth and righteousness will meet together. {RH, June 18, 1914 par. 10}

Solemn duties
1. Research, compile, write and print short articles, newsletters, journals, books on health principles.
2. Design chats, cards and booklets on health
3. Teach people on health principles
4. Organize health expos in different localities
5. Create audio, video or teleconferencing on health
6. Do health reporting of testimonials from those who have recovered from diseases, experienced the use of natural remedies and garden missionary work.
7. Give news reporting on the daily, weekly or monthly on health issues.

The gospel and the medical missionary work are to advance together. The gospel is to be bound up with the principles of true health reform. Christianity is to be brought into the practical life. Earnest, thorough reformatory work is to be done. True Bible religion is an outflowing of the love of God for fallen man. God’s people are to advance in straightforward lines to impress the hearts of those who are seeking for truth, who desire to act their part aright in this intensely earnest age. We are to present the principles of health reform before the people, doing all in our power to lead men and women to see the necessity of these principles, and to practice them. {RH, June 18, 1914 par. 12}

Download PDF Duties and responsibilities of True Gospel medical missionary

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