Anemia is a deficiency in the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin or both.


The condition is marked by varying degrees of pallor and palpitation.


When we have a good bloodstream we have a good, healthy life. It would be wise to take time to learn the principles of building good blood in the body. One of our teachers, Dr. Edward E. Shook at the Los Angeles Herbal Institute (closed at this writing), gives a fine explanation of the cause of anemia as follows:

Carbon dioxide and other waste gases are re-absorbed into the life-giving oxygen. Everyone knows that two atoms of oxygen unite with one atom of carbon to form dioxide. But when there is insufficient oxygen, only one atom unites with carbon, to produce carbon-monoxide, and that is where most of our trouble begins–anemia, low blood pressure, or where there is an abundance of calcium, high blood pressure; because calcium thickens the blood.

It requires a great deal more pressure to pump thick blood than it does to pump thin blood; and please make special note, that all this is brought about because there is not sufficient iron in the blood, to carry enough oxygen to the cells, to enable them to breathe, and throw off their waste products. New cells are not produced fast enough to replace the decaying and dead ones.

Pus is formed only when cells decay. Therefore, it requires no great stretch of the imagination to see how vitally necessary it is to have enough iron in the blood stream to convey sufficient oxygen to all parts.

Nearly every food we eat, or a large percentage of it, contains iron and oxygen. Wheat and most of the grains and cereals (in their whole state) contain iron in the form of iron phosphate, as do many vegetables, such as beets, turnips, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, celery, carrots, squash, parsley, mustard greens, dandelion leaves, watercress, etc., but our principal source of organic iron and oxygen is the fruit.

The apple is loaded with these two elements, particularly the winesap. All berries, plums, prunes, grapes, raisins, dates, figs, cherries, etc., contain organic iron in abundance, and the citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, etc., are principally composed of citric acid, which is one third oxygen.

Herbal Aids

See Anemia formula #1 using sarsaparilla, yellow dock, yellow parilla and sassafras:

See Anemia formula  using yellow dock, buckbean and comfrey:

Comfrey: Another great aid in anemia is comfrey. This herb can be used in the form of comfrey tea, tablets, capsules, in salads and in comfrey green drink. Make the green drink by blending into apple juice (or some pleasant-tasting vegetable juice, such as fresh carrot), comfrey, marshmallow root (mallow), parsley, spinach, and other greens. Sweeten with honey and use a

cup morning and night (children in proportion).

The use of grapes, grape juice and raisins in an abundance is excellent in rebuilding an iron-deficient bloodstream. Each mouthful of the juice should be “chewed” thoroughly (swished in the mouth) and mixed well with saliva before.

See formula for anemia using comfrey and garlic.

Barberry Berries: This is one of nature’s greatest and most valuable medicinal herbs and is a famous Indian remedy. It is probably unequaled as a corrector of river secretions (causes the bile to flow more freely), and it helps expel and remove morbid, waste matter from the stomach and bowels. It is an excellent tonic for delicate and weakly people (particularly good for delicate and weak children), building from anemia and general malnutrition to complete recovery in just a few weeks.

Use  barberry tea.

We can make a formula for anemia using European centuary, thyme, horehound and hyssop.

General Instructions: Whenever the child or adult has anemia, which is a deficiency of blood in quantity as well as quality, the overall treatment should be sunshine, fresh air (plus deep breathing), and a well balanced diet including a quantity of fresh, green vegetables and the daily use of good tonics, as listed here.

Pregnancy Anemia: Anemia may be caused by iron deficiency or other problems. Iron supplements are commonly given to expectant mothers, yet these are usually made of ferrous sulphate and cannot be utilized by the body. Being inorganic, they are absorbed but not assimilated and can cause problems in the system. In addition, they destroy vitamin E that may be taken at the same time.

You can build up the iron in your system by taking yellow dock or the Yellow Dock Combination. Some midwives say that yellow dock alone doesn’t help for very long; its effect sometimes wears off.

I have had excellent results combining yellow dock root and dandelion root; dandelion contains an excellent spectrum of minerals that enhance the 40% iron content of the yellow dock.

Some good iron-containing foods include apricots, sunflower seeds, black molasses, raisins, prunes, brewer’s yeast, kelp, egg yolk, grains, beets and their greens, turnip greens, dulse, and walnuts. If you do not respond to the dietary additions here, suspect folic acid anemia.

Many pregnant women are woefully under-supplied with folic acid, and although you can get a prescription for folic acid supplements, this fragmented source may not be well absorbed by your body. Better to obtain this important nutrient in foods; some important sources are whole grains, leafy greens, watercress, parsley, chicory, dandelion, amaranth, and lambs quarters. Some of these can be taken in the green drink; lambs quarters is especially valuable, as it also contains a large amount of vitamin A, which helps prevent infections.

Aloe Vera: Other interesting claims for Aloe Vera include curing anemia. Drink a glass of aloe vera gel daily.

Onions: You should be careful about overeating onions, however. Research has shown that anemia can be induced by doing so. A group of volunteer medical students consumed over two pounds of cooked onions every day for five days in addition to their regular diet. At the end of this period all showed symptoms of anemia, which was confirmed by laboratory examination. Within one week after ending this binge, all experimenters successfully recovered. Similar experiments with animals have produced the same results

Juices: Kulvinskas also cites several sources who have had success in reversing pernicious anemia through the use of juices high in chlorophyll. He suggests that vegetarians can more than meet their requirement of B-12 by ingesting several cups of sprouts a day.

Chaparral for Copper Deficiency: A copper deficiency manifests as general weakness, slow healing, greying hair, loss of hair, low blood pressure, disorders of the liver and gall bladder, splenic weakness, acne, eczema, anemia. Chaparral can help this.

Juices for Anemia: Carrot & spinach, celery & parsley, beet, fig.

Cabbage: This has been found to be of infinite value for pregnant women, and for patients with anemia.

Drink one or two glasses of cabbage juice daily.

Apricot: The Apricot, perhaps because of its high iron and other mineral content, is helpful in cases of anemia.

Dandelion: Kloss claimed that Dandelion is extremely high in nutritive salts which purify the Anemia and purify the blood and destroy the acids in the blood. He said that “anemia is caused by the deficiency of nutritive salts in the blood and really has nothing to do with the quantity of good blood. Dandelion contains these nutritive salts”



Now what can be done if the patient is weak? What can be done to revitalize them quickly? Many people suffer from a low iron count. They are not producing enough hemoglobin. As the air goes through our lungs, the red blood cells actually expand to pick up more oxygen. That only can take place when we have a proper balance of iron, B12 and many other elements. So let’s take a look at iron deficiency. We are going to make an iron drink. This is a wonderful drink, and I encourage you to make it.

AIDS patients have a lot of problem with their red blood count dropping. You think that AIDS patients have a drop in their white blood cell count. But as that drops, it pulls down the red cell count as well. And what they are suffering the most from is the drop of the red count—not the white count. Then they have to get a blood transfusion.

This particular program, if they follow for thirty days, we can bring their red 16 blood count back up and they will not have to get a blood transfusion. So lets go through this quickly as our time is just about up. Take about one gallon of grape juice. You need to get a good wholesome grape juice.

We take about a cup of raisins. Now raisins are high iron. This is what we are focusing on—iron. Here we have apricots, which is one of the highest sources of iron. It the most easily assimilated iron.

Take one cup of apricots, and one cup of figs. This is like a tincture, an extract. We are doing a cold-press.

The grape juice has lactic acid in it, which will actually pull out the minerals that are found in those fruits into the juice itself.

I like to put at least a half-cup black strap molasses (this is not just your sopping molasses that you use with biscuits.)

I would like to put about 5 Tbsp. of Black Cherry concentrate. This is a very high source of iron. This is a delicious drink. Now it should be just about ready. It should sit overnight on the counter. The next morning put it in the refrigerator.

Drink about 4 ounces 3 or 4 times a day, depending on how low your hemoglobin is. This will bring it up within thirty days. But if the person is so weak that we need to bring it up more quickly, Ellen White recommended using the raw egg in grape juice. I do not advocate the consumption of eggs because one out of every third eggs has cancer, but in an emergency situation, when a patient is in need of an immediate blood transfusion, we have followed that counsel. We have taken a raw egg in a glass of grape juice for three days. We are going to demonstrate in another program how to do that. In an emergency it is quite an effective remedy, because it is God’s own remedy. In closing, Exodus 23: 25 states “And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless thy bread and they water, and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.” Revelation 22:2 “In the midst of the street of it and on either side of the river was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” When God talked about the “leaves for the healing of the nation” it was about the vegetation. Vegetation is high in chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is like an added blood transfusion. When we eat chlorophyll, it is like giving ourselves a blood transfusion. We only have one disease, by the way.

Don’t worry about dying from all kinds of diseases. We only have one disease and that is a blood disease. The way we remedy that disease is simply to consume a lot of foods that are high in chlorophyll. And we also need to fortify our diet with potassium.

Disease cannot live in a high potassium environment. Chlorophyll is almost identical to the human blood. So if we straighten the blood out, we don’t need to worry about having arthritis or gout. Don’t worry about that. The life of the flesh is found in the blood. Fix the blood and then the body can return to health. See Leviticus 17:11 and 5 Testimonies, page 86. “The word of God is a great simplifier of life’s complicated pursuits. God often uses the simplest means to accomplish the greatest results. He abolishes all territorial lines and artificial distinctions of society.” Desire of Ages, page 822: The simpler the remedies, the greater glory God will have. If he can take a lump of clay and give it life, then God can take a lemon to remove cataracts.


These are also good to help with low iron. We talked about the iron drink with apricots, etc, which will help improve  the blood count. If you use yellowdock, take about a teaspoon of yellowdock three to four times a day to get enough  iron. Yellowdock is one of the riches sources of iron, along with apricots. I recommend using fresh beet juice rather  than beet powder.

Drink about four ounces of beet juice once or twice a day. Beet juice is so high and concentrated,  if you drink too much of it, it can make you light headed and dizzy. It can work as an emetic and make you throw-up.


Drink it slowly, and you will have less problems. Did you know that after a blood transfusion, people often get  nauseated? They may have a problem throwing up and feeling sick. That’s because they receive this booster of

blood dumped in their system, and beet juice can make you feel the same way if you drink too much of it. That lets  us know that there is something very similar to blood in beet juice.

Iron Drink:

Grape juice 1 gallon

Apricot 1/3 cup

Figs 1/3 cup

Blackstrap molasses 1 cup

Raisins 1/3 cup

Let sit for 24 hours. Then refrigerate and drink 4 ounces three times daily.

Take 10 Kelp capsules daily.

Drink 8 ounces of green drink 2 times daily.

Drink 4 ounces of Beet juice daily.

Yellow dock 3 capsules 3 times daily.

Eat 6 almonds daily.


Adapted from Dr. Christopher files

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