A disease in which there are well defined bald spots on the head and other hairy parts of the body.

Herbal Aids

Bayberry: Use a strong decoction of bayberry and rub in well at night; wash off in the morning, brush the hair thoroughly and apply again (using a few drops of lavender oil with the solution that is rubbed in gives a more effective synergistic action).

This will quickly help stop falling hair and remove dandruff. You can also use a tea of guava leaves daily in drinking and also in washing of the hair.

Juniper: Used externally, a tincture of the branches is used as a rub for some skin conditions and to combat alopecia.

Echinacea: Cases of goiter, impetigo contagiosa, local infection, urethral infection, diabetic ulcers, alopecia (baldness), and so on, are reported to have been effectively treated with Echinacea. Drink the tea freely.


Adapted from DR. Christopher files

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