2 – 6 Reasons to Reject Trinity

  1. The Trinity is not Biblical

Most Trinitarian Christians believe the doctrine comes from the Bible and even use some Bible verses to support their position. However, nowhere in the Bible do you find God being defined as a “relationship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Yes there are a few verses which mention all three. But where are the texts stating that all three are “coequal” and “coeternal” as many believe? On the contrary the Bible clearly states there is one God, the Father. (See John 17:3, 1 Tim. 2:5, 1 Cor. 8:6, Rom. 15:6, Eph. 4:6).  And this Father has a Son, called the “Son of God.” No where in the Bible is He called “God the Son.” Yet Jesus is fully divine and equal with God (See John 3:35, John 5:26, Heb. 1:4).

Here are a few quotes from honest individuals who admit the Trinity is not Biblical:

“While no Scriptural passage states formally the doctrine of the Trinity, it is assumed as a fact by Bible writers and mentioned several times.” (Adventist Review. 1981. Vol. 158. No.31.)

“The concept of the Trinity, namely the idea that the three are one, is not explicitly stated, but only assumed.” (Handbook of Seventh-day Adventist Theology. Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopaedia Vol.12. p138. Doctrine of God. Fernando L Canale.)

“Many doctrines are accepted by evangelicals as being clearly taught in the Scripture for which there are no proof texts. The doctrine of the Trinity furnishes the best example of this. It is fair to say that the Bible does not clearly teach the doctrine of the Trinity . . . In fact, there is not even one proof text, if by proof text we mean a verse or passage that ‘clearly’ states that there is one God who exists in three persons.” — (Basic Theology, p. 89 Charles Ryrie.)

Those who agree with Ellen White that “The Bible and the Bible alone, is our rule of faith” (CSW, 84), must reexamine this doctrine honestly, talking all passages of scripture into account.

  1. The Trinity doctrine has Pagan Origins

If the Bible does not clearly teach the doctrine of the Trinity, where did it come from? History shows us that it originated in Babylon.

The trinity got its start in Ancient Babylon with Nimrod – Tammuz – and Semiramis. Semiramis demanded worship for both her husband and her son as well as herself. She claimed that her son, was both the father and the son. Yes, he was “god the father” and “god the son” – The first divine incomprehensible trinity.” — (The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop, p. 51)

The fact that Seventh-day Adventists (modern Israel) worship the same God as all other mainstream Christians and Catholics should be a serious cause for concern. When in the Bible do you see ancient Israel serving the same gods as other nations? Only when they were in apostasy.

“The great sin of ancient Israel was in turning from God to idols. This is also the great sin of modern Israel.” ( E.G. White, RH, June 3, 1880)

While some argue that we do not believe in the “same trinity” as the Catholics, there is very little difference. In fact they do not view our doctrine any differently than theirs as they proudly state:

Our opponents sometimes claim that no belief should be held dogmatically which is not explicitly stated in scripture … But the Protestant Churches have themselves accepted such dogmas, as the trinity, for which there is no such precise authority in the Gospels,” — (Assumption of Mary, Life magazine, Oct 30, 1950, p. 51)

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2 – 6 Reasons to Reject Trinity

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