Seventh Day Pioneers on the Nature of Sin [Nature at Birth]


It has been argued that we are born sinners and some of pioneers materials have been used to prove this. But what has not been done is to quote the passages for context and bring together all the evidences. In this article, instead of picking lines from the middle, I will quote the whole passages for context. We want to avoid doing what LeRoy Froom did while compiling evangelism. The same quotes used to teach we are born sinners by taking excerpts, as a matter of fact, they teach contrary when quoted in full. You will find they teach we are born with effects of sin rather.


Man’s relation to God, then, is simply this: By nature all men are sinners,-SERVANTS OF SIN,-children of Satan,-under the law,-condemned to death. By the righteousness of Christ, through faith in the blood, men may be made righteous,-servants of obedience unto righteousness,-children of God,-delivered from the condemnation of the law. Only those who are in Christ attain to this high honor; but this does not free them from obligation to keep the law. This can be seen from the very fact that it is sin that brings condemnation. Now it those who have been freed from condemnation,-have been taken out from under the law,-should transgress the law, they would thereby show their lack of appreciation of the grace of God, and would bring themselves into condemnation,-would bring themselves under the law. {November 17, 1887 EJW, SITI 695.11}

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Seventh Day Pioneers on the Nature of Sin [Nature at Birth]

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