Studies in the Usage of the Greek Word Monogenes


This is interesting, amazing stuff.
This is not to boast but state the fact, non-trinitarians are sincere even when they meet something from a trinitarian which makes sense, not all trinitarians reciprocate the same to non-trinitarians. I posted this study from a trinitarian in his understanding of the word Monogenes. We have many articles from non-trinitarians that say the same thing but it would be good to hear from the trinitarian. Forget about his mentioning of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and by the way while he is using those phrases, he is not conveying what the orthodox trinitarianism teach for he says
1. The Father is unbegotten
2. The Son is begotten of the substance of the Father and
3. The Holy Spirit is spirated by the Father and Son and God worthy of worship [intriguing]
Nonetheless he is so sound to the word monogenes that I said Amen to almost everything, winking at his mistakes in some points.

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