PART 1: Many parents do not obtain the knowledge that they should respecting the married life. They are not guarded lest Satan take advantage of them, and control their minds and their lives. They do not see that God requires them to control their married lives FROM ANY EXCESSES. But very few feel it to be a religious duty to govern their passions. They have united themselves in marriage to the object of their choice, and therefore reason that marriage sanctifies the indulgence of the BASER PASSIONS. Even men and women professing godliness give loose rein to their lustful passions, and have no thought that God holds them accountable for the expenditure of vital energy, which weakens their hold on life and ENERVATES THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.  {SA 170.1}      THE MARRIAGE COVENANT COVERS SINS OF THE DARKEST HUE. Some men and women professing godliness debase their own bodies through the INDULGENCE OF THE CORRUPT PASSIONS, WHICH LOWERS THEM BENEATH THE BRUTE CREATION. THEY ABUSE THE POWERS GOD HAS GIVEN THEM TO BE PRESERVED IN SANCTIFICATION AND HONOR. HEALTH AND LIFE ARE SACRIFICED UPON THE ALTAR OF BASE PASSION. The higher, nobler powers are brought into subjection to the animal propensities. Those who thus sin are not acquainted with the result of their course. Could all see the amount of suffering they bring upon themselves by their own wrong and sinful indulgence, they would be alarmed. Some, at least, would shun the course of sin which brings such dreaded wages. A miserable existence is entailed upon so large a class that death to them would be preferable to life; and many do die prematurely, their lives being sacrificed in the inglorious work of excessive indulgence of the animal passions. Because they are married, they think they commit no sin.  {SA 171.1}    These men and women will one day learn what lust is, and behold the result of its gratification. PASSION MAY BE FOUND OF AS BASE A QUALITY IN THE MARRIAGE RELATION AS OUTSIDE OF IT. The apostle Paul exhorts husbands to love their wives “even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” “So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church.” Ephesians 5:25, 28, 29. It is not pure love which actuates a man to make his WIFE AN INSTRUMENT TO ADMINISTER TO HIS LUST.


PART 2: It is the animal passions which clamor for indulgence. How few men show their love in the manner specified by the apostle: “Even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it, that he might [not pollute it, but] sanctify and cleanse it,” “that it should be holy and without blemish.” This is the quality of love in the married relation which God recognizes as holy. Love is a pure and holy principle. Lustful passion will not admit of restraint, and will not be dictated or controlled by reason. It is blind to consequences. It will not reason from cause to effect. MANY WOMEN ARE SUFFERING FROM GREAT DEBILITY, AND WITH SETTLED DISEASE, BROUGHT UPON THEM BECAUSE THE LAWS OF THEIR BEING HAVE NOT BEEN REGARDED. Nature’s laws have been trampled upon. The brain nerve-power is squandered by men and women because called into UNNATURAL ACTION TO GRATIFY BASE PASSIONS; AND THIS HIDEOUS MONSTER, BASE, LOW PASSION; ASSUMES THE DELICATE NAME OF LOVE.  {SA 171.2}  Many professed CHRISTIANS ARE MORE ANIMAL THAN DIVINE. They are, in fact, about all animal. A man of this type degrades the wife he has promised to nourish and cherish. She is made by him an instrument to minister to the gratification of his LOW, LUSTFUL PROPENSITIES. VERY MANY WOMEN SUBMIT TO BECOME SLAVES TO LUSTFUL PASSION. THEY DO NOT POSSESS THEIR BODIES IN SANCTIFICATION AND HONOR. THE WIFE DOES NOT RETAIN THE DIGNITY AND SELF- RESPECT SHE POSSESSED PREVIOUS TO MARRIAGE. This holy institution should have preserved and increased her womanly respect and holy dignity. Her chaste, dignified, godlike womanhood, has been consumed upon the altar of base passion. It has been sacrificed to please her husband. She soon loses respect for her husband, who does not regard the laws to which the brute creation yields obedience. The married life become a galling yoke; for love dies out, and, frequently, distrust, jealousy, and hate, take its place.  {SA 173.1}


PART 3: No man can truly love his wife if she will patiently submit to become his slave, and minister to his degraded passions. She loses, in her passive submission, the value she once possessed in his eyes. He sees her dragged down from everything elevating, to a low level, and soon he suspects that she will, perhaps, as tamely submit to be degraded by another as by himself. He doubts her constancy and purity, tires of her, and seeks new objects which will arouse and intensify his hellish passions. The law of God is not regarded. These men are worse than brutes. They are demons in human form. They are unacquainted with the elevating, ennobling principles of true, of sanctified, love.  {SA 173.2}   The wife becomes jealous of the husband. She suspects that he will just as readily pay his addresses to another as to her, if opportunity should offer. She sees that he is not controlled by conscience, nor the fear of God. All these sanctified barriers are broken down by lustful passions. ALL THAT IS GODLIKE IN THE HUSBAND IS MADE THE SERVANT OF LOW, BRUTISH LUST.  {SA 174.1}    THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH MEN AND WOMEN OF THIS ORDER; AND NEAT, TASTY, YEA, EXPENSIVE HOUSES CONTAIN A HELL WITHIN. IMAGINE, IF YOU CAN, WHAT THE OFFSPRING OF SUCH PARENTS MUST BE. WILL NOT THE CHILDREN SINK LOWER IN THE SCALE THAN THEIR PARENTS? Parents give the stamp of character to their children. Children that are born of these parents inherit qualities of mind from them which are of a low and base order. Satan nourishes anything tending to corruption. The matter now to be settled is, SHALL THE WIFE FEEL BOUND TO YIELD IMPLICITLY TO THE DEMANDS OF HER HUSBAND WHEN SHE SEES THAT NOTHING BUT BASE PASSIONS CONTROL HIM, AND WHEN HER REASON AND KNOWLEDGE ARE CONVINCED THAT SHE DOES IT TO THE INJURY OF HER BODY, WHICH GOD HAS ENJOINED UPON HER TO POSSESS IN SANCTIFICATION AND HONOR, AND TO PRESERVE A LIVING SACRIFICE TO GOD?  {SA 174.2}



PART 4: It is not pure, holy love which leads the wife to gratify the animal propensities of her husband at the expense of health and life. IF SHE POSSESSES TRUE LOVE AND WISDOM, SHE WILL SEEK TO DIVERT THE MIND OF HER HUSBAND FROM THE GRATIFICATION OF LUSTFUL PASSIONS, TO HIGH AND SPIRITUAL THEMES, DWELLING UPON INTERESTING SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS. It may be necessary to humbly and affectionately urge, even at the risk of his displeasure, that she cannot debase her body BY YIELDING TO SEXUAL EXCESS. She should, in a tender, kind manner, remind him that God has the first and highest claim upon her entire being, which claim she cannot disregard, for she will be held accountable in the great day of God. “What! know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? for ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20. “Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.” 1 Corinthians 7:23.  {SA 175.1}      Woman can do much, if she will, through her judicious influence, by elevating her affections, and in sanctification and honor preserving her refined, womanly dignity. In thus doing, she can save her husband and herself, thus performing a double work, and fulfilling her high mission, sanctifying her husband by her influence. In this delicate, difficult matter to manage, much wisdom and patience are necessary, as well as moral courage and fortitude. Strength and grace can be found in prayer. Sincere love is to be the ruling principle of the heart. Love to God and love to your husband can be the only right ground of action.  {SA 175.2}      LET THE WOMAN DECIDE THAT IT IS THE HUSBAND’S PREROGATIVE TO HAVE FULL CONTROL OF HER BODY, AND TO MOLD HER MIND TO SUIT HIS IN EVERY RESPECT, AND RUN IN THE SAME CHANNEL OF HIS OWN, AND SHE YIELDS HER INDIVIDUALITY. Her identity is lost, submerged in that of her husband. She is a mere machine for him to move and control, a creature of his will and pleasure. He thinks for her, decides for her, and acts for her. SHE DISHONORS GOD IN THIS PASSIVE POSITION. She has a responsibility before God which it is her duty to preserve.  {SA 176.1}


PART 5: When the wife yields her body and mind to the control of her husband, being passive to his will in all things, sacrificing her conscience, her dignity, and even her identity, she loses the opportunity of exerting that mighty influence for good which she should possess to elevate her husband. She could soften his stern nature, and her sanctifying influence could be exerted in a manner to refine, purify, and lead him to strive earnestly to govern his passions, and be more spiritually minded, that they might be partakers together of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. The power of influence can be great to lead the mind to high and noble themes, above the low, sensual indulgences which the heart unrenewed by grace naturally seeks. IF THE WIFE FEELS THAT SHE MUST, IN ORDER TO PLEASE HER HUSBAND, COME DOWN TO HIS STANDARD, WHEN ANIMAL PASSION IS THE PRINCIPAL BASIS OF HIS LOVE, CONTROLLING HIS ACTIONS, SHE DISPLEASES GOD; FOR SHE FAILS TO EXERT A SANCTIFYING INFLUENCE UPON HER HUSBAND. IF SHE FEELS THAT SHE MUST SUBMIT TO THE ANIMAL PASSIONS OF HER HUSBAND WITHOUT A WORD OF REMONSTRANCE, SHE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HER DUTY TO HIM, NOR TO HER GOD. SEXUAL EXCESS WILL EFFECTUALLY DESTROY A LOVE FOR DEVOTIONAL EXERCISES, WILL TAKE FROM THE BRAIN THE SUBSTANCE NEEDED TO NOURISH THE SYSTEM, AND WILL MOST EFFECTUALLY EXHAUST THE VITALITY. NO WOMAN SHOULD AID HER HUSBAND IN THIS WORK OF SELF-DESTRUCTION. SHE WILL NOT DO IT IF SHE IS ENLIGHTENED, AND TRULY LOVES HER HUSBAND.  {SA 176.2}  THE MORE THE ANIMAL PASSIONS ARE INDULGED AND EXERCISED, THE STRONGER DO THEY BECOME, AND THE MORE VIOLENT WILL BE THEIR CLAMORS FOR INDULGENCE. LET GOD-FEARING MEN AND WOMEN AWAKE TO THEIR DUTY. MANY PROFESSING CHRISTIANITY ARE SUFFERING WITH PARALYSIS OF NERVE AND BRAIN BECAUSE OF THEIR INTEMPERANCE IN THIS DIRECTION. ROTTENNESS IS IN THE BONES AND MARROW OF MANY WHO ARE REGARDED AS GOOD MEN, WHO PRAY AND WEEP, AND WHO STAND IN HIGH PLACES, BUT WHOSE POLLUTED CARCASSES WILL NEVER PASS THE PORTALS OF THE HEAVENLY CITY. Oh! that I could make all understand their obligations to God to preserve the mental and physical organism in the best condition to render perfect service to God.  {SA 177.1}


PART 6:     Let the Christian wife refrain, both in word and act, from exciting the animal passions of her husband. MANY HAVE NO STRENGTH AT ALL TO WASTE IN THIS DIRECTION. They have already, from their youth up, weakened their brains, and sapped their constitutions, by the gratification of their animal passions. Self-denial and temperance should be the watch-word in married life; then, when children are born to parents, they will not be so liable to have the moral and intellectual organs weak, and the animal strong. VICE IN CHILDREN IS ALMOST UNIVERSAL. IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? Who have given them the stamp of character?  {SA 178.1}      The mind of a man or woman does not come down in a moment from purity and holiness, to depravity, corruption, and crime. It takes time to transform the human to the divine, or to DEGRADE THOSE FORMED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, TO BRUTES, OR TO THE SATANIC. By beholding, we become changed. Man, formed in the image of his Maker, can so educate his mind that sin which he once loathed, will become pleasant to him. As he ceases to watch and pray, he ceases to guard the citadel, the heart, and engages in sin and crime. THE MIND IS DEBASED, AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ELEVATE IT FROM CORRUPTION WHILE IT IS BEING EDUCATED TO ENSLAVE THE MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL POWERS, AND BRING THEM IN SUBJECTION TO THE GROSSER PASSIONS. It is constant war against the carnal mind, aided by the refining influence of the grace of God, which will attract it upward, and habituate it to meditate upon pure and holy things.  {SA 179.1}     Many children are born with the animal passions largely in the ascendency, while the moral and intellectual are but feebly developed. These children need the most careful culture to bring out, strengthen and develop the moral and intellectual, and have these take the lead. Children are not trained for God. Their moral and religious education is neglected. The animal passions are being constantly strengthened, while the moral faculties are becoming enfeebled.  {SA 179.2}


PART 7:   Some children begin to excite their animal passions in their infancy; and, as they increase in years, the lustful passions grow with their growth, and strengthen with their strength. Their minds are not at rest. Girls desire the society of boys; and boys, that of the girls. Their deportment is not reserved and modest. They are bold and forward, taking indecent liberties. THEIR CORRUPT HABITS OF SELF-ABUSE (MASTURBATION) HAVE DEBASED THEIR MINDS, AND TAINTED THEIR SOULS. VILE THOUGHTS, NOVEL-READING, LOW BOOKS, AND LOVE-STORIES, EXCITE THE IMAGINATION, AND JUST SUIT THEIR DEPRAVED MINDS. They do not love work. They complain of fatigue when engaged in labor. Their backs ache. Their heads ache. Is there not sufficient cause? Are they fatigued because of their labor? No. Yet their parents indulge them in their complaints, and release them from labor and responsibility. This is the very worst thing they can do for them. They are removing almost the only barrier to Satan’s having free access to their weakened minds. Useful labor would be a safeguard in some measure from his decided control of them.  {SA 180.1}  The corrupting doctrine which has prevailed, that, as viewed from a health standpoint, the sexes must mingle together, has done its mischievous work. WHEN PARENTS AND GUARDIANS MANIFEST ONE TITHE OF THE SHREWDNESS WHICH SATAN POSSESSES, THEN CAN THIS ASSOCIATING OF SEXES BE NEARER HARMLESS. As it is, Satan is most successful in his efforts to bewitch the minds of the youth; and the mingling of boys and girls only increases the evil twentyfold. Let boys and girls be kept employed in useful labor. If they are tired, they will have less inclination to corrupt their own bodies.  {SA 180.2}

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