5. Organic Farming


 “More than being just the planter and      

 reaper, man is the Steward of Creation”

  1. “Subdue the earth…dominion over the earth”… (Gen. 1:28)
  2. It is not an absolute power or freedom to “use and misuse” the natural world. (Gen. 2:16-17)When it comes to the use of the natural world, man is subject to both
  3.   physical/biological and moral laws…

    (John Paul II, On Social Concern)

  4. Man as a social being, that is the responsibility for one’s actions extend to the consequences those actions have on other people… “No man is an island”
  1. Man has the right to live in a dignified manner (befitting manner)
  2. Development cannot ignore both the needs of man and nature and the effects of indiscriminate industrialization and progress.

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5. Organic Farming

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